What Does Fortune Do On An Axe In Minecraft?

Are you playing Minecraft and you're not surfe what fortune does on an axe in Minecraft? Here's the ultimate guide that explains everything you must know.

One of the most basic but essential tools in Minecraft is the axe.

The main function of axes in Minecraft is to allow players to quickly chop trees and any type of blocks or crafted items made with wood. Aside from that, axes can also be used as weapons.

A lot of enchantments are available in the game to upgrade axes. Fortune is one of the best enchantments that can be found and instilled in tools to greatly improve their output.

This article will breeze through everything you need to know about upgrading your axe in Minecraft with the Fortune enchantment.

Let’s get started with the guide!

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Fortune Enchantment

Fortune Enchantment

Fortune is one of the enchantments in Minecraft that boosts the number as well as the chances of specific item drops. However, this enchantment specifically pertains to digging or mining only.

Hence, the tools that can be instilled with the Fortune enchantment are axes, pickaxes, shovels, and hoes. Aside from that, it is incompatible to be enchanted on tools that are already enchanted with Silk Touch since both enchantments are mutually exclusive.

Fortune can be upgraded to have a maximum of 3 levels. Each level will have a corresponding increase in the chances of items dropping more than their usual number as well as the chances of dropping specific items when mining or digging blocks.

Tabulated summaries of drop rates from using Fortune-enchanted tools are available in the Minecraft Wiki.

Basically, tools that have the Fortune enchantment will result in more item drops. For example, pickaxes that are enchanted with Fortune will drop more diamonds when used to mine a diamond ore block.

Instead of the usual 1 diamond per 1 diamond ore block, a pickaxe upgraded with Fortune III will have a 40% chance to drop only 1 diamond, 20% chance to drop 2 diamonds, 20% chance to drop 3 diamonds, and another 20% chance to drop a maximum of 4 diamonds with an average multiplier of 2.2 when used on a diamond ore block.

With this, the usefulness of the Fortune enchantment makes it an essential part of every Minecraft player’s enchantment list for their tools.

However, the fundamental question that remains, especially from newer Minecraft players, is “Will axes enchanted with Fortune drop more wood blocks when chopping down trees?”

Fortune Enchantment On An Axe

Fortune Enchantment On An Axe

Trees & Saplings

The quick answer is that the Fortune enchantment does NOT increase the number of drops of wood blocks when enchanted on an axe and used to chop down trees.

However, having the Fortune enchantment on your axes in Minecraft is a great way of collecting more sapling drops from tree leaves as well as sticks. This is important when you are looking for jungle saplings that have the lowest chances of dropping at 2.5% without any Fortune upgrades.

Saplings from other kinds of trees drop at a rate of 5% when using your hand or tools with no Fortune enchantment. Using an axe that has the Fortune III enchantment will increase the chances of dropping jungle saplings to 4.17% and other saplings to 10%.

Aside from that, apple drops are also increased from 0.5% to 0.83% when using an axe with the Fortune III enchantment on oak and dark oak tree leaves.

Farming & Seeds

Furthermore, seed drops for both wheat and beetroot seeds are increased wherein the average drop rate is boosted to 3.42 seeds with Fortune III in contrast to 1.71 without the Fortune enchantment.

Similarly, melon blocks, which drop around 3-7 melon slices, can be harvested with a Fortune III axe to maximize the number of melon slices that can be obtained from a single melon block which is 9 slices. However, the chance to get all 9 slices from a single melon block is only 2%.

Nevertheless, the average drop of melon slices increased from 5 without the Fortune enchantment to 6.375 with a Fortune III axe.

Vines, especially the Twisting and Weeping Vines found in the Nether, will have a reliable increased drop rate from 33% to 100% when using a Fortune III axe which is similar to using shears.

Mining Blocks

Axes with Fortune III enchantments can also be used to harvest more glowstone dust from a single glowstone block in the Nether. The average drop rate of glowstone dust is increased from the usual 3 to 3.5 with the Fortune III enchantment.

Axe Combat

A lot of players use axes in Minecraft as their main weapon to combat enemies as well as other mobs. However, it is also important to note that the Fortune enchantment does NOT increase the drop rate of items dropped by mobs when killed.

Other than that, the dropped experience points from each killed enemy or animal are also NOT increased with the Fortune enchantment.


Fortune On Axe In Minecraft

There are a lot of available enchantments you can use to upgrade your axe in Minecraft. In this article, we tackled the advantages of Fortune enchantment on axes in the game.

By following this guide, we hope that you can decide whether you will include the Fortune enchantment in your axes in the game.

In conclusion, remember that axes can also be used as primary weapons to kill animals and enemies one by one since they deal a little bit more damage than swords. However, a lot more upgrades can be included in swords that in axes to create the ultimate weapon in Minecraft.

Good luck and have fun!

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