About GamingScan

GamingScan is an online gaming news publisher. Our main channels include this website (1M+ monthly unique visitors) and our YouTube channel (1M+ monthly views).

We believe there has to be an easier way to find the information that you’re looking for online without reading tons of unnecessary text or bloated videos that won’t get to the point right away. We strive to make it fun and accessible to everyone – including building your own PC.

With all the excess information out there about computers, hardware, and gaming, how exactly do you find what you’re looking for right away? That’s where we come in.

We cover events with original reporting, write news about upcoming games, create buying guides based on tons of research, review products and games, and much, much more.

Our main goal is to simply explain advanced topics as simply as possible so that everyone finds what they’re looking for right away, though we do cover each topic in detail as well.

The team behind GamingScan are proud gamers themselves as well. We even have technical computer nerds on the team. We’re here to help you and other visitors or viewers.

As of June 2019, GamingScan has been acquired by Flexter. The existing staff continues to operate as usual and is now part of a larger team that also helps users at DisplayNinja and GPU Mag. Prior to GamingScan, Flexter ApS had acquired PS4 Daily, a large gaming magazine exclusively for Sony’s PlayStation 4 console. After the acquisition of GamingScan, the team & content of PS4 Daily was shifted toward GamingScan.

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Our Founding

Founded in the middle of 2017 by Samuel Stewart and his associate, GamingScan quickly began to grow and the number of our fans on social media increased dramatically. We listened to what our fans had to say via e-mails sent us and comments on our posts and social media.

After almost two years of growth, we now have over 1 million monthly visitors and the number is constantly growing due to our efforts in making the absolute best content for our readers, and maintaining them for as long as we can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often are your posts updated?

When it comes to hardware and technology, newer products are crucial and most likely the best choice. And when it comes to games, newly released games should also be covered and have a chance to be included if they are worthy.

Therefore we often update our posts to reflect the current market situation. The frequency depends on various factors such as how often new products or games are getting released.

We seldom update reviews, news that is only relevant at a specific time, and other articles that are still completely fine since they were last updated.

Q: Can other companies pay you to review their products?

No. While we can receive and review their products, we will not accept payments to review a product or give their products a higher ranking or score.

Q: Can other companies send you products?

Yes, we happily accept products from other companies, though not all requests are accepted as we have limited availability and do not have the time to review all products that we are offered.

And of course, our reviews will be unbiased and honest regardless of we get the product sent to us or if we buy it ourselves.

Q: What do you cover?

We’re a news media that mainly covers gaming topics and hardware. We also do original reporting.

Q: How do you earn money?

We have links on this site that are called “affiliate links”. These will not cost you anything extra, it just means that we get a small percentage/commission if you click on these links and buy the product. We also have non-intrusive ads that help us pay for our servers. During our first year, we only showed one single ad but due to increased server costs and other expenses, we had to add a couple more non-intrusive ads.

GamingScan.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program.

Q: How do I support you? I like what you are doing!

Thanks! You can support us by using our affiliate links if you intend to buy something, as it will cost you nothing and is probably the easiest way to support us.

You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page. That’s it! You can, of course, also share one of our posts on social media, but we don’t expect you to do that.

Q: How can I contact you?

You can contact us by using our contact form. We aim to reach back to you within 48 hours.

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The Team

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Samuel Stewart


Samuel Stewart has been interested in gaming and computers ever since he got a computer from his father in 1999. He quickly got into programming and started studying Computer Science at the University of Iowa.

After receiving his Master’s Degree in 2009, he started working as a Software Developer at Vidica Software located in West Des Moines.

Recently, he became interested in starting his own blog because he got frustrated that were no high-quality gaming blogs that could answer your queries without wasting your time with uninteresting content.

Justin Fernandez

Justin Fernandez

Writer and Social Media Manager

Justin is a gaming blogger born and raised in New York City. After earning a degree in English from Hunter College, he began utilizing his skills as a writer to discuss what he’s most passionate about: video games. Whether its PC or console, AAA or Indie, Justin has a natural curiosity to seek out hidden gems and share them with other gamers. Strongly opinionated, he loves to debate with others on topics within the gaming industry.

Both a Nintendo critic and apologist, Justin’s favorite console is the GameCube. In addition to writing and managing the social media profiles for GamingScan, he creates gaming discussion videos for his YouTube channel, Justin JPEG. Driven and energetic, Justin is actively seeking to learn as much about the gaming industry as he can in order to help players make the best choices on what to play!

Rose Mattise

Rose Mattise

Writer, Researcher and Product Reviewer

Rose Mattise started her writing career in college after taking on a Creative Writing minor. After putting her passion for technology and games together with her love for writing, everything seemed to click together.

Rose graduated from Michigan State university with a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Information. Rose prefers to use her inquisitive personality and love for research to tell readers the full story about games, hardware, and other topics.

She doesn’t mind delving deep into testing, web searching, and information gathering to get the job done. If there’s ever a concept or product she’s not familiar with, that’s not the case for long!

Eric Hamilton

Eric Hamilton

Writer, Researcher and Product Reviewer

Eric has been an ardent PC and gaming enthusiast for the better part of his life and he enjoys turning that passion into writing. He has built many computers, enjoy tuning and overclocking, and he enjoys writing content that helps others discover the PC platform.

He possesses strong writing skills and has experience covering hardware/industry news, constructing build guides at various price points, buying/sales guides and op-eds. Here at GamingScan, Eric further enhances his skillset by also reviewing products to help consumers make a better purchase decision.

Thomas Bardwell

Thomas Bardwell

Writer, Researcher and Product Reviewer

Thomas is a UK-based journalist and avid gamer with an unhealthy obsession for everything weird and wonderful about the world of gaming. A man of few words bestowed with a knack for in-depth research, he lets his writing speak for itself with the uncanny ability to unearth lesser-known facts about everyone’s favorite games.

Thanks to his experience covering news and penning features for a handful of respected video game publications, he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to GamingScan ranging from the big hinting AAA titles to diamond in the rough indie games.

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Phillip Connors

Writer and Researcher

Phillip is a University student living in Iowa City, United States. He’s also a passionate gamer and PC expert, having built thousands of PCs working in a hardware repair store for two and half years. When he’s not studying, he likes to write about his passion – gaming. He also researches for new and exciting products, technologies and opportunities.

Phillip works closely with Samuel in order to make GamingScan the go-to resource for gamers.