Best Cyberpunk 2077 Mods

Cyberpunk 2077 may be good but it's even better with the right mods. Here is the ultimate list of the best Cyberpunk 2077 mods to upgrade your game!

Although Cyberpunk 2077 may have launched without any mod support, the PC gaming community is not one to back down from a challenge, resulting in some truly impressive Cyberpunk 2077 mods.

Initially, modders focused on improving the game’s frame rate, visuals, and overall performance before moving on to more creative endeavors such as enhanced character creation, alternate NPC behaviors, and new world areas.

In this list, we’ll highlight the best mods for Cyberpunk 2077 on PC and walk you through each one’s features and how to use them.

We’ll continue to update this list in the future as new mods attract our attention, so make sure to check back and let us know if we miss any of your favorite Cyberpunk 2077 PC mods!

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To get started, we recommend first installing Cyber Engine Tweaks, which acts as a foundation for more complex script-based mods down the road while also giving you a host of options to tinker with.

This includes being able to turn off TAA, access the debug menu, and skip the start menu entirely; you can also use it to remove pedestrians and traffic from Night City to improve performance.

It pairs well with the CP77 Tools mod, which is also required to run some of the other mods we’ve included in this list.

For a game with such detailed and extensive menu settings, Cyberpunk 2077 still keeps some options hidden from the player.

With the Config Overhaul mod, you can access some of these settings in order to squeeze out a few extra frames and make the game run better.

The way it works is by generating configuration files separate from the game’s executable, meaning it will still work even after new patches.

The last performance-based mod we recommend installing is srgamerio’s Unlock Global Illumination Settings, which actually does a bit more than just that.

In addition, you’re able to adjust the FOV slider to higher values, toggle resolution scaling on or off, and set both mouse and zoom sensitivity to higher numbers than the game lets you by default.

It’s a great companion to the Better Controls Menu mod listed below, allowing you to adjust Cyberpunk’s controls and settings at the same time.

Cyberpunk 2077’s ambitiously designed open-world can be quite taxing on a lot of machines and so to compensate and save memory, CDPR programmed the game to have relatively low draw distances.

For those unfamiliar, this means the distances at which objects like buildings, NPCs, and vehicles are rendered far off into the distance.

With the Draw Distance Boost mod, you can increase the distance at which objects get rendered in the world; be warned though, this will definitely impact the game’s performance.

Reshade mods are a great way to enhance a game’s visual presentation without having to upgrade your graphics card.

One of the best reshades for Cyberpunk 2077 is Phil’s HDR Reshade, which makes some slight tonal changes that result in more prominent blacks and less red tint.

The end result is a grittier-looking Night City with sharpened image quality and precise depth that doesn’t require you to buy an actual high-end HDR monitor.

You’re probably asking yourself, “Why would anyone want to reduce the visual quality of such a gorgeous game like Cyberpunk 2077?” One word: DOOM.

Jokes aside, fionncroke’s DOOM Reshade is a cool way to give the game a 90s-inspired look by turning the screen into an S-VGA compatible CRT monitor that even includes scan lines.

The end outcome is a blurry mess that may not be perfect for enjoying the complete game but creates an amazing novelty with plenty of screenshot possibilities.

As robust as Cyberpunk 2077’s character creation tool is, it lacks the ability to go back and change certain aspects of V’s appearance after you start the story.

With the Arasaka Appearance Updater mod, you can go back and make additional changes without having to edit your save file or start a new game.

While it’s currently limited to just a handful of facial features and hairstyles, the mod’s creator homes432 is constantly improving it based on user feedback.

If you fancy yourself something of a video game photographer or simply enjoy modifying NPC’s clothing, then you’ll love MaximiliumM and CtrlAltDaz’s Appearance Menu mod for Cyberpunk 2077.

With it installed, you’ll be able to freely swap out NPC outfits as well as change the appearance of vehicles that appear throughout the game.

Additionally, you can combine this mod with scripts that allow you to plan out custom routes or fights to occur as you make your way around Night City.

If you spend some time walking around Night City, you’ll quickly realize that the crowds and NPCs in general, are pretty dumb by design.

However, with the Alternate Crowd Behavior and Other Tweaks mod, you can adjust how fast NPCs despawn, increase the amount of traffic, and raise the AI’s intelligence.

This makes for an overall more immersive experience at the cost of reduced performance depending on how you set it up.

Speaking of dumb NPCs, the cops in Night City aren’t too bright either and often respond to your actions in such an unrealistic manner that it completely breaks any sense of immersion. 

You can remedy this somewhat with the Enhanced Police mod, which spawns in different police vehicle responders depending on how ‘Wanted’ you are.

There are four threat levels to cycle through, and each one has its own criteria for determining which and how many vehicles will be necessary to stop your criminal activity. 

Driving is another area in Cyberpunk 2077 that could use some improvement seeing as it’s not as smooth and responsive as other open-world games like Grand Theft Auto.

With the Better Vehicle Handling mod, you get a configuration file that lets you adjust the steering for every vehicle in the game, including motorbikes.

The end result is overall more responsive vehicle handling that greatly benefits mouse and keyboard players the most.

Another minor gripe some players have with Cyberpunk 2077 is the game’s default minimap, which doesn’t always do a good job of conveying your location in the world visually.

For some, it’s a matter of the default hue, dimensions, or zoom that simply rubs them the wrong way; thankfully, modder WillyJL has created the Better Minimap mod to provide players with more options.

This includes letting you adjust the map’s size and zoom level as well as make it transparent, remove its borders entirely, or swap it out for a compass instead.

Like most PC games, Cyberpunk 2077 lets you access the controls settings and rebind certain actions to different keys or buttons.

However, some actions aren’t customizable by default, meaning you’ll need a mod like Nibrodooh’s Better Controls Menu to change them.

With it installed, you’ll be able to modify the controls for V’s Dodge, Slow Walk, Primary and Secondary Actions, and a few UI navigation inputs.

Cyberpunk 2077 is brimming with fascinating, well-crafted locations that become locked-off outside of certain missions and key moments in the story.

If you’re trying to revisit these areas later in the game, you’ll need to use a mod like 3nvy’s Unlock Night City, which lets you explore a host of locations at your leisure.

This includes normally gated areas like the Peralez Penthouse, Voodoo Boys’ Underground Base, Delamain HQ, and many more.

Considering how prevalent hacking is in the Cyberpunk world, we appreciate that CDPR made sure to include an actual hacking mini-game.

However, frankly speaking, it’s just not that fun after the first few times you do it and the rewards for completing it in a certain amount of time or number of guesses is quite vague.

With the Breach Protocol Auto Hacker, you can bypass this system entirely by having it solve each puzzle for you, ensuring you get the best outcome no matter what.

For a game that places a heavy emphasis on character customization and equipment, Cyberpunk 2077 doesn’t give you a lot of opportunities to see V inhabiting the world.

Of course, this makes sense considering it was designed as a first-person game, though you can always change that with an experimental Third Person POV mod created by sarunama.

It features four different camera angles to pick from and expect to encounter some graphical glitches and missing animations; to get it to work, you’ll first need to have Cyber Engine Tweaks installed.

For whatever reason, there’s a handful of dialogue that didn’t make its way into the final version of Cyberpunk 2077.

One of the most notable instances is a scenario in which Male V romances the character Judy, who normally can only be romanced by Female V. 

With the Romanceable Judy for Male V mod, you can unearth these previously undiscovered lines of dialogue and have the exchange play out in-game; there’s also a mod that lets you romance Panam as Female V.

There was a time when the internet was flooded with rumors claiming that The Witcher 3’s Ciri would appear in Cyberpunk 2077 in some form or another.

And like most internet rumors, this turned out to be false, or at least, not something CDPR intended to include in the game.

However, with this Ciri 2077 Presets mod, you can make it a reality by recreating Ciri’s likeness using the in-game character creator; you’ll also need the White Hair for V and Custom Eye Colors mods to get the full look.

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