Welcome Pheasant Hunters!

During the fall and through the winter months pheasants are released for our club members who wish to hunt.
Generally around October the birds are released.


Bob Neihaus Memorial Pheasant Hunt

The 9th annual Bob Neihaus Memorial Pheasant Hunt.

Remember to wear an orange vest and hat

Sunday March 4th 2018
Registration and Meet & Greet - 8:00 AM
Shoot lasts until 4:00 PM

40-60 pheasants will be released for 30-49 shooters
5 flu flu arrows are recommended.

For more information call Brian at 414-350-4452

Pheasant Hunting 2017 - 2918

Pheasant Hunting Program

Update - February 2018
The pheasant hunting program is still available.
For more info or ordering:
Contact Brian Frank 414-350-4452, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Releases will be the same as last year.
For bird release you can release your own.
Last day to hunt pheasants is March 31st.


Contact NSC Pheasant Hunting

Contact NSC Pheasant Hunting

All information regarding NSC Pheasant hunting is in the web site.
 For pheasant hunting information go to the Pheasant Hunting section.
 For events go to the Calendar
 For open shoots go to the Open Shoots section and/or calendar

If you still have a question regarding Pheasant Hunting to can fill out the contact form.

Turkey Heads

If you save you mature turkey heads from this years hunts
Troy will be sending them in for the club.
He will need the confirmation number on your registration tag.
For more info contact Troy 414-750-7816.