Hunting Information

Hunting on Club Land for Members Only - 2016-2017
 A reminder when gun hunting on club land.

A: Behind the clubhouse land only shotgun hunting with fine shot is allowed.
B: There is no gun deer hunting with shotgun slugs or a muzzleloader behind our clubhouse.
C: No rifles for deer hunting on any of the properties we lease off of Hickory.
D: No tree stands.

Bow hunting starts September 17th 2016
  Remember to have a truck tag
  Use your membership card on your dash of vehicle.

Bow hunting starts Sept. 16th 2018

  Remember to wear an orange hat and vest when hunting on the club land for pheasant hunting.

Deer Hunting License
If you are purchasing an extra antlerless tag this year for hunting on the club ground you will need a private land tag.