Welcome Archers!

Whether you are young or old (er "experienced")...
boy or girl...
man or woman...
highly skilled or just a beginner...
You will find this 3D archery range to be challenging yet fun.


An added bonus to the course is the location.
Our 3D archery range is nestled on 37 acres of rolling and wooded terrain right on the edge of the Northern Kettle Moraine.

We save our best targets and a few unusual ones for these events.  After a trip around the course and a bit of lunch, you might be tempted to try the "distance shoot" to test your long distance skills against your buddies.  It’s a real treat to watch the misses as well as the near heart shots provided by a couple of nine-year olds as well as senior shooters.  The course is maintained weekly and the safety of our shooters prompts yearly course improvements such as hillside steps, arrow stops, etc.  

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Our sixteen week summer archery league consists of 28 3D targets in natural settings with unmarked yardage.  All targets are rotated to different spots weekly.  Four person teams vie for limited spots to participate.  Indoor winter leagues are run in the Fred Bear fashion and run from January through mid April on weekday nights for three person teams.  Friday night has two person teams shooting blue & white "300" spot targets.  Our junior league generally runs for 10 weeks on Saturday mornings and has served as many as 80 participants.  Members and parents are always on hand to offer encouragement and advice.  The kids have a blast and their final day concludes with a fun shoot, team competition and prizes for all.

Summer Archery League

Summer 3D Archery League 2017

Team sign up at the Captains meeting
Captains meeting will be Thursday May 4th at 7 PM

Summer archery league will start May 11th

These are 4 person teams

You can shoot any time on Wednesday starting after 9 AM

Thursdays (all day)
League will run for 16 weeks
So ending on August 24th

We shoot 28-3D animal targets from 15 to 50 yards on our 38 acres.

If unable to form a full team we can put teams together with the 1, 2,and 3 people

For further information on team availability contact

Mike Boldt
Phone: 414-507-7129
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact NSC Archery

Contact NSC Archery

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