Best Games Like Monster Hunter

On the hunt for PC games like Monster Hunter? We've got you covered with the best games like Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter World!

Monster Hunter has been around for over a decade and continues to deliver thrilling action RPG combat with epic boss fights and multiplayer fun.

And while there’s definitely a lot more to the game than that, most fans will agree that Monster Hunter’s appeal derives from its robust selection of weapon playstyles.

So for those interested in playing other games that scratch a similar itch, join us as we explore the best games like Monster Hunter for PC and console.

If you would like to receive more monster hunting recommendations, check out one of our many other curated gaming lists!

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The similarities between Elden Ring and Monster Hunter may not be immediately clear but if you take a closer look you’ll see they have a lot in common.

For one, both have you exploring large environments, seeking out giant monsters, and whittling away their massive health bars using thoughtful attacks.

Additionally, enemies in both games have unique attack patterns and behaviors that require you to analyze them to stay alive and determine the best counter.

Lastly, Elden Ring offers an equally robust class system with weapons like blades, bows, etc. that can be upgraded to raise stats and reveal new effects.

Moving on, our next recommendation to Monster Hunter fans is the latest installment of the actionpacked anime JRPG Tales of Arise.

The game centers on two characters hailing from opposite worlds, one medieval and one futuristic, as they try to put their differences aside and end the war between their people.

Unique to the Tales games is the Linear Motion Battle System, which allows you and your party to pull off team-based attacks to evade, counter, and damage enemies.

Aside from combat, Tales of Arise offers an assortment of vibrant, open-ended environments remiscent of games like Monster Hunter.

Dungeons of Sundaria is an indie action RPG made by Industry Games that sees up to 4 players making their way through harrowing dungeons.

Like Monster Hunter, the game includes character/race customization, item crafting, and several playable classes with special weapons/abilities.

From giant spiders to blood-sucking leeches, two headed orcs and more, you’ll find no shortage of larger-than-life foes to smite.

Bear in mind, the game is currently in Steam Early Access and may still be missing some features and content to be added in a future update.

Created by Bandai Namco Studios, Code Vein is an anime-inspired action RPG that takes place in a post-apocalyptic, dark fantasy setting.

You play as a Revenant, a creature that gets infected by parasites and needs to drink blood to survive or it may transform into a demon.

Similar to Monster Hunter, the game features sprawling open environments packed with secrets, resources, and dangerous creatures.

It also has a rather unique class system, referred to in-game as Blood Code, that lets players level up multiple classes simultaneously to encourage trying out different playstyles.

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the MMOs that frequently comes up when discussing heavy hitters in the genre, mainly due to the fact it’s well-supported and has a large, active playerbase.

This makes it a great alternative for Monster Hunter players looking for something new to play in 2024, assuming you don’t mind shelling out for the game’s subscription.

Fortunately, there’s a trial period where players can experience much of what FF14 has to offer and see if it’s to their liking before footing the bill.

Like Monster Hunter, the game is very systems-heavy and features extensive seasonal events that add to the beloved MMO’s ongoing story.

Another popular MMORPG that’s sure to scratch that Monster Hunter craving for increasingly powerful gear is Lost Ark.

Sporting vibrant visuals that give Monster Hunter a run for its money, the game sees you exploring new lands and battling foes for cool rewards.

The fighting style in Monster Hunter veterans is quite dynamic, speedy, and similar to other MMOs, it has a general sensation of swiftly hacking and slashing.

Finally, the game is packed with hundreds of hours worth of content with an endgame grind that’s similar to decoration farming in Monster Hunter: World.

Dauntless is often compared to Monster Hunter in terms of gameplay and overall premise: after all, you play as a hunter tasked with defeating various behemoths.

The main differences are Dauntless is free-to-play whereas Monster Hunter has always been a premium AAA title.

Additionally, Dauntless has a more cartoonish art style that blends surprisingly well with its enemy designs and environments.

Speaking of, Dauntless’ environments are a lot smaller compared to Monster Hunter: World but manages to make up for it with a considerable number of weapons to master.

Genshin Impact is another free-to-play game with multiplayer-focused action RPG gameplay that matches up with that of Monster Hunter.

Combat feels both fluid and satisfying, especially when compared to some of the more clunky MMORPGs on the market.

Additionally, the game offers sprawling open-world enviornments filled with eye-catching locations and quests to fulfill for leveling up characters and weapons.

The advantage of playing a live service game like Genshin is having new content to come back to every few weeks instead of having to wait for the next Monster Hunter release.

While best described as a Soulslike shooter, Remnant: From The Ashes does share some commonalities with Monster Hunter.

For one, both games support online co-op for up to 4 players; secondly, they provide players with a fair amount of weapons and abilities to hone in on a preferred playstyle.

There’s also a big emphasis on material farming and crafting in both games to keep your character well-stocked and optimized for combat.

Lastly, Remnant’s environments skew towards dark and menacing with a tinge of fantasy elements that may resonate with Monster Hunter players.

Our next recommendation is another Capcom creation belonging to an equally renowned franchise, Devil May Cry 5.

Admittingly more hack and slash and less stat-focused, the game’s combat is on par with the depth and technicality that Monster Hunter fans have come to adore.

DMC5 also stands out as the only game in the series to feature 3 playable characters with distinct playstyles that will appeal to different players.

Of course, if you come to Monster Hunter for its boss fights, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to stand toe-to-toe with powerful demonic beasts in DMC5.

Billed as a sequel to the cult action RPG Toukiden: Age of Demons, Toukiden 2 revolves around slaying massive creatures called Oni.

This is achieved by traversing an open-world and honing your skills in fast-paced combat that supports a wide variety of playstyles.

In contrast to Monster Hunter, the game allows you to travel between locations seamlessly in real-time without any loading screens.

The end result is a Monster Hunter-like game that moves at a much brisker pace with occassional breaks to upgrade equipment and unlock new powers.

Formerly a PlayStation-exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn is was ported to PC where it greatly benefits from a thriving modding scene.

Aside from that, the game has much in common with Capcom’s creature slaying franchise when it comes to aesthetics and gameplay.

In it you play as a social outcast named Aloy who’s seeking acceptance from her tribal peers before setting off on adventure that puts her face-to-face with danger.

Instead of mythological dragons and sea monsters, Horizon Zero Dawn has you waging war with mechanized beasts using a bow and arrow and several traps.

Revered among fantasy fanatics, The Witcher 3 is a story-driven action RPG with a densely packed open world ripe for exploration.

Taking on the role of Geralt of Rivia, players will become the ultimate hunter and use his abilities and weapons to defeat a host of otherwordly creatures.

This includes a pair of upgradeable swords, one silver one steel, along with magical powers that layer nicely onto The Witcher 3’s melee combat.

Lastly, despite the game focusing heavily on storytelling, you’ll find there are many optional monster hunts to pursue that reward you with exotic materials.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is another Capcom game that will appeal to fans of Monster Hunter looking for more action RPGs in fantasy-inspired settings.

In it, you play as the Arisen, a custom avatar prophesized at birth to one day defeat a powerful world-ending dragon.

Like Monster Hunter, the game lets you play as different classes, each with unique tools and attacks at their disposal that shake up combat considerably.

Furthermore, Dragon’s Dogma includes a party system that lets you recruit allies called Pawns that function similarly to the cat-like Palico companions.

God Eater has had the most triumph in contending with Monster Hunter for the title of “finest colossal creature thrash ’em up.”

The original debuted back in 2010 and the series has been pretty consistent since then, with God Eater 3 releasing in 2018 for PC and console.

This entry introduces several improvements to the core game design that seek to streamline God Eater’s systems and make it more palatable for newcomers.

This is complemented by a new roster of ferocious monsters called Aragami as well as a wide array of oversized and overpowers weapons that can be upgraded further.

Bugsnax is without a doubt the most peculiar game on this list but upon closer inspection, shares core gameplay elements with Monster Hunter.

Firstly, there’s the fact that most of the game revolves around learning the behavioral patterns of each creature, or bugsnax, and exploiting them.

Secondly, bugsnax creatures can be captured by either stunning or distracting them before activating a trap manually.

Some of the wildlife in Bugsnax also layer-on elemental effects which require careful and thoughtful planning similar to prepping for a big hunt.

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